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Our topic today is centered around a discussion ribbon cable 10 Wire product by asking a series of questions and answer them
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Ribbon Cable 10 Wire - Answers Questions

Ribbon Cable 10 Wire

What iS Ribbon Cable ?

ribbon cable A thin, flat, multiconductor cable that is widely used for internal peripheral connections in electronic systems. In a PC, a 34-wire ribbon connects the floppy drive (if present) to the motherboard. A 40-wire cable connects the IDE (ATA) CD drive, and an 80-wire cable is used for the IDE (ATA) hard disks.

Ribbon Cables
These are the common ribbon cables used internally in a PC to connect hard disk, CD and floppy. For external connections, round-shaped cables are preferred over ribbon ones.

What is Pitch 2.54 mm ?

If the question seeks to determine the pitch (center to center spacing) of the cable itself, it is .050", which is 1/2 that of the .100" (~2.54mm) 2 rows by 5 pins headers intended for use with this type of wire. This wire is intended to be used with a crimped connector that would mate to a 2 x 5 row of .100" pins.

Can each color wire pull apart and is seperatable?

Yes, quite easily

What gauge wire is this?

verrry small. At least a 26 or 28

Almost certainly 28 gauge. Ribbon down to at least 22 gauge exists but 28 gauge is used in common connectors so that's all you ever see.

Why double the price of other vendors? Something I'm missing with this wire vs the others with the same pictures?

Unfortunately that's the market price here.I was selling them for much more in the pastBut the competition is rude here so I'm trying to do my best

Video Splice a torn ribbon cable

Repurposing DVD Player Screen, DVD Player Screen

Repurposing DVD Player Screen

Basically it will cost you in time an order of magnitude more than if you just bought an LCD that works with the pi out of the box. You could wash car windows on a street corner for change and use that money to buy one and it would be more time/cost effective.

This guy has done the exact same thing and it has worked. He is German so is accent may be a bit hard to understand

Basically, just make sure you haven't thrown away any of the circuit boards form when you dismantled the player. There is usually a smaller board and a much larger board in the case. The smaller board is usually the LCD driver board and would have a direct connection to the LCD.

On the driver board look for a soldered microchip, not unlike the CPU on the pi. This should have a serial number on it that you can enter into google to find its data sheet. Look at the data sheet to find a 'video in' connection on the chip as shoewn in the video. Then follow the trace on the board from the chip to an external connector.

This is where you should attach the pi via the composite video output.
The video explains it better.

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ribbon cable connectors 20 pin

Today's theme is centered around products : Best Ribbon Cable Connectors 20 pin
We'll show you my brother visiting the characteristics of each product and its special features
You can then choose the right product for you and buy it

1 - Connectors Pro ribbon cable

Connectors Pro ribbon cable

Price is for 2-Pack of 16P 8" length yellow flat ribbon cable with 2x8 16P 2.54mm Female to Female Connectors :
  • Wire: 28 AWG (7x36) Stranded 300V
  • 20cm 16P 2x8 FC/FC Yellow Flat Ribbon Cable; 2-Pack F/F
  • Cable Length: 8 inchese (20cm); Pitch: 0.05" (1.27 mm) Center Spacing
  • Each cable has 2 of the 16 Pin 2.54mm FC Connectors on a 20cm Length of 1.27mm Yellow Flat Ribbon Cable

2 - Generic

Generic,ribbon cable
Generic offer the best Generic 40 Way GPIO Ribbon Cable with 2x20 Pin Stackable and Shrouded Header Set for Raspberry Pi(pack of 2) :
  • Raspberry Pi B+ GPIO ribbon cable (8-inch long)
  • Pack of 2 sets

3 - Gino

gino,ribbon cable

Gino offer the best 2 Pcs 2.54mm Pitch 20 Pin F/F IDC Flat Ribbon Cable Connector 14cm :
  • Product Name : IDC Ribbon Cable;Connector Type : 20 Pin Female to 20 Pin Female IDC Connector
  • Pitch : 2.54mm;Wire Quantity : 20 Wire
  • Main Material : Plastic;Cable Width : 2.5cm / 1"
  • Total Length : 13cm / 5.1";Color : Gray, Black
  • Net Weight : 25g;Package Content : 2 x IDC Ribbon Cables

4 - Smakn

smakn,ribbon cable
SMAKN offer the best SMAKN® Flexible 20cm Multicolored 40 Pin Male to Male Breadboard Jumper Wires Ribbon Cable Wire (Male to Male) :
  • Color: Colorful
  • Material: high-grade copper wire.Cable length:about 20cm.
  • Connectors: 40 Pin male to female connectors.
  • Pin Spacing : 2.54mm,compatible with 2.54mm mil spacing pin headers.

5 - PC Accessories

PC Accessories, ribbon cable

PC Accessories offer the best PC Accessories - Connectors Pro 25-Pack 2X20 40P 2.54mm Dual Rows IDC Sockets for Flat Ribbon Cable, 40 Pins FC Female Connector :
  • Price is for 25-PACK included Strain Reliefs in a small carton
  • MATES WITH .1" (2.54 mm) PITCH HEADERS

6 - Uxcell

uxcell, ribbon cable, flat ribbon cable

ISP JTAG ARM 20 Pin 1.25mm Pitch 25mm Width IDC Ribbon Cable 3 Meter :
  • Product Name: IDC Ribbon Cable; Pitch: 1.25mm/0.05"
  • Wire Quantity: 20 Wire; Main Material: Plastic
  • Cable Width: 2.5cm / 1"; Total Length: 3M/10Ft
  • Color: Multicolor; Net Weight: 112g
  • Package Content: 1 x IDC Ribbon Cable
uxcell® 3.66M 20Pin Rainbow Color Flat Ribbon Cable IDC Wire for Arduino :

uxcell ribbon cable, flat ribbon cable

  • Country of Manufacture: CHINA; Material: Plastic, Copper
  • Net Weight: 136g; Package Content: 1 x Ribbon Cable
  • Main Color: Rainbow Color; Total Width: 24mm / 0.94"
  • Total Length: 3.66 Meters / 12ft; Type: 20-Pin
  • for: FC 20Pin IDC Connector; Product Name: Ribbon Cable
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Ribbon Cable Bracelet, How to manufacture,ribbon cable

Ribbon Cable Bracelet

How to manufacture Ribbon Cable Bracelet 

Ribbon Cable Bracelet .This Instructable can walk you thru creating a trendy clothing bracelet out of associate degree RJ-45 console cable! creating one is kind of simple to try to to, and carrying one can solidify your position because the coolest slightly nerdy individual that your friends have ever illustrious.  :)

To give you some background on what these bracelets ar product of, console cables ar connected to the routers, switches, and different networking devices that power the web in order that network engineers will assemble them.  They contains eight copper wires every coated during a totally different color to spot the perform of that individual one.  The eight wires ar housed during a flat outer casing to stay them along and defend them from damage. the intense colours of the wires and therefore the swish colours of the outer casings (there ar several) ar what we have a tendency to benefit of for this project!

Although console cables ar employed in the styles shown here, an everyday coax might be substituted moreover.  The twisted pairs of wires within may wreak a really attention-grabbing look!

Step 1: Materials

Ribbon Cable Bracelet

There ar 2 ways that} to create the bracelets - one that uses the RJ-45 connection that comes hooked up to the cable and another which uses a brand new connection that we have a tendency to crimp on. The latter methodology is simpler and cleaner, therefore we are going to rehearse that one during this Instructable. However, materials and directions for the opposite method will be enclosed.

Materials employed in this Instructable:

1. RJ-45 Console Cable
2. RJ-45 Crimping Tool *** See Note Below ***
3. RJ-45 connection *** See Update Note Below ***
4. X-Acto Knife (or equivalent)

Materials for employing a cable with associate degree already hooked up connector:

1. RJ-45 Console Cable
2. Drill with a 1/16th in. drilling bit
3. Scissors
4. X-Acto Knife
5. Super Glue

NOTE - you will eventually kind the bracelet by crimping 2 ends of the cable along, however several RJ-45 crimping tools will not provide the finished bracelet to slip out after. For this reason, it is vital that you just use a combine just like the one shown within the image wherever one among the handles is upraised and therefore the bracelet softened down the opposite handle.

UPDATE - there's a whole of RJ-45 connections known as 'EZ-RJ45' which can prevent plenty of your time - it already has the mandatory openings on each ends of the connector, saving you the effort of getting to chop one aspect out with the X-Acto Knife. These do tend to be costlier than regular connectors, though.

Step 2: getting ready the RJ-45 connection

Ribbon Cable Bracelet

UPDATE - there's a whole of RJ-45 connectors known as 'EZ-RJ45' that already has the openings on each ends, permitting you to skip this step (saving you plenty of your time and hassle!) they are doing tend to be costlier, though.

NOTE - Please browse the directions here fastidiously, as this can be the foremost dangerous step. As a rule of thumb, ne'er apply force to the knife within the direction of any a part of you!

Position the connection specified it's resting on it's aspect with the projection edge facing toward you and therefore the praise aspect facing removed from you. watching the right face, you ought to see an oblong piece protruding slightly and directly under it you'll see individual slots for every of the eight wires. there's a skinny layer of plastic between those slots and therefore the face that we are going to confiscate victimisation the X-Acto knife.

To do this, take hold of the connection as shown within the initial image during this section and, victimisation your different hand, position the tip of the X-Acto knife at the plastic before of the top-most slot. At now, your X-Acto knife ought to be nearly parallel to the table you're performing on. to chop through, don't push the X-Acto knife in towards the face. Instead, slowly apply associate degree increasing quantity of pressure down on the blade (towards the table) till it slides down slightly, carving out atiny low piece of the plastic. Repeat this till the blade goes through the skinny plastic layer.

Once you have got a gap within the plastic, ensuing step is to filter out house for every of the eight slots. you'll do that by golf stroke the knife within the gap and pushing down till it slides to the last slot, flipping the connection over, so continuation. Also, to filter out a number of the plastics from the perimeters, you'll use a similar technique from the previous paragraph whereas twisting the blade a little quantity. this may cause you to cut off items of the plastic on the perimeters. attempt to cut out the terribly tip of the connection and do not go too way in, as you'll injury the little tips within the plastic which will ultimately facilitate hold the individual wires in situ.

To tell whether or not you're finished, take atiny low piece of the console cable and strip off the outer casing. Then, make sure that you'll slide all eight of the wires into the house that you {just} just cut away. associate degree example of this can be shown within the second image. The work can probably be pretty tight, therefore you'll have to be compelled to apply slightly of force to induce the wires in. as an alternative, if you think that you just haven't absolutely removed the plastic before of all the slots, insert the wires into the opposite finish of the connection and make certain that every initiate the opening that you just graven (as shown within the third image.)

The finished product ought to seem like the connection within the fourth image.

If operating with a connection already hooked up to the cable, you'll have to be compelled to use the drill and X-Acto knife to carve out more or less 2/10th or 3/10th of an in. into every slot. sadly this takes slightly of labor as a result of you have got to drill through the plastic and therefore the wires within the slots. The on top of ways for clearing out this house ought to still work, though.

Step 3: getting ready the cable - filler

Ribbon Cable Bracelet

The next step is to chop off the piece of the console cable which will really span the length of the bracelet. Since this bracelet can clothing, it is vital that it will work over your hand, however an excessive amount of slack can cause it to suit terribly loosely on your radiocarpal joint.

To gauge however long this piece ought to be, place your hand within the position shown within the image and wrap the cable round the widest a part of your hand (which is usually close to the knuckle of your thumb.) From there, add a couple of [*fr1] an in. and cut the cable there. It's probably that you just can have to be compelled to in turn shorten the bracelet before golf stroke the ends along, however the additional slack can provide you with some area to play with simply just in case. Ribbon Cable Bracelet

Step 4: getting ready the cable - style
Ribbon Cable Bracelet

To customise your bracelet, consider a noteworthy style that you just will create by by selection removing items of the outer casing to reveal the underlying wires.  For style examples, verify the photographs of many completed bracelets at the start of the Instructable.

NOTE: the sole demand is that one finish desires more or less 3/10ths of an in. of the outer casing to assist in holding it tight once it's crimped within the connection, and therefore the different finish desires around 4/10ths of an in. of simply wire therefore it will work through the guiding lines within the connection. an image of this can be enclosed during this section.

An easy thanks to create the patterns is to slip the outer casing off of the wire utterly, going atiny low section on (like the one delineate within the previous paragraph) to stay the wires along. to get rid of the casing, hold all of the wires with 2 fingers so pinch the casing on the length of the wire along with your different hand. this could permit the casing to slip off simply and additionally makes it easier to slip the casing piece(s) back on once you have got cut them out.

Another issue to notice is that a number of the casings have a line down the middle of 1 aspect that's leftover from once the cables were created. you'll need to own this aspect face outward therefore on have the bracelet be as comfy as potential.

Step 5: golf stroke it all at once

Ribbon Cable Bracelet

Now that your cable is prepared, it is time to place everything together!  At now your cable ought to a minimum of have one finish with atiny low section with casing and another finish that's simply wires.  Insert the wire finish into the face of the connection wherever the plastic was cut out earlier.  Push every wire in till it goes slightly past the rules within the connection.  Then, insert the cased aspect into the other finish of the connection.  It ought to seem like what's shown within the initial image during this section.

Next, place your hand within the position accustomed measure the bracelet length so, holding the bracelet along with your different hand, slide it over your radiocarpal joint. it'll probably go best with the connection facing the palm aspect of your hand. you wish the bracelet to only barely slide on (so it is not super loose on your radiocarpal joint,) therefore gauge what quantity slack you have got, pull the wire finish out of the connection, cut atiny low piece from it, and repeat the method till it fits nicely.

Almost there!  One issue I encountered once surfing this can be that some connectors do not kind a firm grip on the casing finish, therefore what i like to recommend is to chop out atiny low (3/10th of associate degree inch) piece of the leftover casing and cut it in [*fr1] as shown within the second image.  Then, insert this piece into the casing finish of the connection in order that it rests on prime of the cable already in there (so, nearest to the aspect with the projection.)  The third image shows everything inserted into the connection.

Finally, insert the connection with all of the items within into the crimping tool.  Firmly grip the tool specified the metal spikes get pushed down into the wires and therefore the plastic spike gets pushed into the casing finish of the cable.  If everything goes well, {both aspects|each side|either side} ought to be firmly in situ and your bracelet is complete!  If one side is loose or falls out utterly, you'll have to be compelled to secure it with super glue and watch for it to dry.  :(

If operating with a cable wherever the connection is already hooked up, all you'll have to be compelled to do (after making certain that the cable is that the right size once the wires ar inserted into the face of the connector) is to fill the gap with superglue and insert the wires. make certain that there's as very little air within the gap in order that the wires get firmly affixed into place. this might need inserting and removing the wires a couple of times to push the glue in, every time applying additional glue into the gap.  Once it's in situ, set it somewhere to dry and provides it around twenty four hours before making an attempt to wear it.

Finish : Ribbon Cable Bracelet

Thanks for surfing this Instructable - I hope you found it simple to follow and congrats on with success creating your own console cable bracelet!  Post within the comments if you have got any suggestions, difficulties, or if you have got associate degree awful style that everybody ought to check out!  :D Ribbon Cable Bracelet

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Welcome visitors to the blog ribbon cable
Today's theme is center on the Best 9 Ribbon Cable Bracelet there are different types and designs of each one of them the pros and cons
Today we will try to provide the best types and designs Ribbon Cable Bracelet

1 - Ribbon Cable Wrist Bracelet

Ribbon Cable Wrist Bracelet

Use a small ribbon cable to make we want, but elegant wrist bracelet / ring. All you need is a small ribbon cable (in length), ideally about 8-10 lanes, and a pair of pliers and something thin plastic and metal cutting (I used a pair of wire cutters). Obviously when I say small I mean the kind of length that is ideal for the area around your wrist.
You can find this type of cable you need in old computers. It is usually in the back of the PC casing metal, you need to unpack it this.

Step 1: Dismantle the plastic cased end :

Ribbon Cable Wrist Bracelet

adduce a pair of pliers to remove objects screw type that fastens the plastic housing for a portion of the metal. You cannot unscrew them because they are not screws - they are like bolts, with another subject at home. When you have another component to attach it, with things a little screw on the wings of the casing, such as a cable screen.

After unpacking plastic, cut open it and get it off the wire (can not slip it off as both sides have attached spare parts that are larger than the gap in the plastic casing). Plastic ignored.

2 - Ribbon Wire Bracelet

Ribbon Wire Bracelet

And any old computer cables laying around? You know the kind, fat ones ribbon wire, and often very colorful. You can make it in a gorgeous bracelet really in no time.
And do not forget to visit our store to see the best

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Ribbon Wire Bracelet

What you will need:

1. ribbon wire, like the image. Any offer of employment, and I will show you how to adopt to Instruct able about the various offers.

2. decoration supply in gold, silver, copper, etc. choice. It can be found in the local grain store or online.a. Crimps tape. I am using them 19MM long series, but you can use any style you like.

B. Multi-strand clamps lock the slide. This is the most wonderful and easy to take on and once handed. We also recommend using the "tag" type clamps tab, but only if you can find them where the tab on the top rather than the side. See photos for details. It is included other types of joint clamps in the pictures, but we do not recommend this for the bracelets. They are very difficult to use one handed.

C. Jump rings. It is shown 6X4 mm oval jump rings. But common 5MM jump rings will work great too.

3. Tools -

a. Needle nose pliers
B. Superglue
C. Rotary cutter or scissors
D. Cutting surface
E. Ruler
F. nylon jaw pliers are nice to have, but not necessary.

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12 Fiber Ribbon Cable

12 Fiber Ribbon Cable,fiber ribbon cable, ribbon cable

 Fiber Ribbon Cable

12 Fiber Ribbon Cable

12 Fiber Ribbon Cable

Getting a high twelve fiber ribbon cable is that the most important a part of finishing some your repair or electronic comes, however the way to purchase the appropriate one from the assorted and uncounted ribbon cables, that have many various material and width? that produces obtaining the simplest ribbon cable troublesome.

This page includes several ribbon cables around, therefore you get a deal on one that's supple also as swish. you would like to understand not all ribbon cables area unit developed equally, therefore perhaps some area unit quite capable of serving to you to create your laptops or cell phones add physical fitness, as others aren't.

however all the ribbon cables below can suit your budget. they're helpful things that are designed to supply marvelous connecting performance for your laptops. These merchandise may be bought in reasonable costs. As a wise purchaser, you ought to choose a top quality ribbon cable from Generac and Harwin ;they area unit widespread brands. within the long-standing time, they higher please you. These ribbon cables area unit sturdy, therefore they won’t be broken during a short amount.

Once you made the choice to settle on the correct ribbon cable, please take into account these ribbon cables that area unit simple to assemble and utilize. they could be what you would like.

Months Products : 

1. Flat cable 10 Pin 10 Wires IDC Ribbon Roll 250 Ft
2. 3M – 8KH2-0723-0250 – CABLE ASSEMBLY, RIBBON, 98POS, 250M
3. MOLEX – 21020-0169 – FFC JUMPER CABLE

12 Fiber Ribbon Cable Pigtail/Patch Cord

Fiber Ribbon Cable

12 Fiber Ribbon Cables Pigtail/Patch Cord

Products from Sunyking Cable Co. Ltd

Model Number:SK-F025
Brand Name:Lumiking
Country of Origin:China (mainland)

Key Specifications/Special Features

  • Applications:
    • Local area networks (LANs)
    • CATV
    • Metro
    • Telecommunication networks
    • CATV, video and multimedia
    • Premise networks
    • Data processing networks
    • Test equipment
    • Wide area networks (WANs)
  • Specifications:
    • Insertion loss:
      • PC: d0.20dB
      • UPC: d0.20dB
    • Return loss:
      • PC: e40dB
      • UPC: e50dB
      • APC: e60dB
    • Fiber type: Single-mode/multiple modes
    • Connector types: LC/FC/ST/SC/MU

By My friend - Top 12 Fiber Ribbon Cable

Speaker Ribbon Cable

Speaker Ribbon Cable

1. Speaker Ribbon Cable

Speaker Ribbon Cable

Picking ideal speaker ribbon cable needs concerns of the tastes. while not knowing clearly concerning this, shoppers could notice it troublesome to pick ribbon cables of nice colours and appropriate lengths. You have to be compelled to remember of those suggestions whereas buying ribbon cables that square measure bendy also as sleek.

When it involves buying ribbon cable, lots of individuals like to choose things that square measure straightforward to put in and utilize in conjunction with competitive costs. And these ribbon cables square measure proverbial for his or her wonderful brands, together with CablesOnline and Harwin. And because it refers to aiding you to form your cameras operate ordinarily,

 these ribbon cables perform far better than different similar alternatives. And these ribbon cables square measure fashionable those that need to form their applications connect swimmingly since they're made with compact styles and nice connecting performance. Over the years, these ribbon cables become a lot of individual, and there square measure several decisions in color and dimension for your choice.

With correct search, you'll be able to notice nice deals for finishing some your repair or electronic work the foremost moderate costs. Quality purchases can give you a lot of edges over the years.

 Months Products : 

1. 100ft 18 AWG Bulk Speaker Wire
2. Multi-Paired Cables 22AWG 1PR UNSHLD 500ft BOX CHROME
3. Hard Drive 50cm Feamle IDC 10 Pin Extension Flat Ribbon Cable 2 Pcs to fix keyboard ribbon cable

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